How to show links inside OpenlayersWrapper Popup ?

My requirement is to show some details inside a Popup when a marker is clicked in the openlayers map. I need to show some documents as links from liferay database(i.e Document Library) inside the Popup.
Something like this :
When a link is clicked in the Popup then the actual document either opens in the same window or a new window.

Popup class in OpenLayers addon takes only string argument. Is it possible to show some links inside Popup ? Also, when user clicks on the link , is it possible to open the document in another or same window?

I’m not sure if you can show link inside Popup. Maybe you can implement your Listener and add it to marker by using marker’s : “public void addClickListener(ClickListener listener)” method. Then you can show the information by using a component of Vaadin of your choice (let’s say a sub window ?). Then you can implement a mechanism when user clicks the link in that subwindow the information is displayed at the same window as well (if you want you can display it in another window too).