How to set value on a field with converter?

In Vaadin 7, a converter is associated with a field. In Vaadin 8, it is associated with a binding.

If a bean has an integer property with name intField that is bound to a text field I need to use a converter like this: Binder binder = new Binder( bean.getClass() ); HasValue field = new TextField("intField"); binder.forField( field ).withConverter( new StringToIntegerConverter( "Enter a number" ) ) .bind( "intField" ); binder.setBean( bean ); In Vaadin 7, in order to populate the field directly, I could say

field.setValue( new Integer(1) ); But now, in Vaadin 8, it throws an exception
java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String

Is there a way in Vaadin 8 to populate a field directly? Do I have to populate a property and then read the entire bean? The problem with that approach is that if I populate a field then correspdning property of the bean will be populated automatically. If I populate a property then I have to also call the readBean method of the binder to also populate the field. It does not happen automatically like everything else.

Value of the TextField is of type String. If you convert StringToInteger and try to place it , that will naturally cause cast exception.

I also recommen to check this blog post about the subject:


Thank you. I should have been more specific in the original post. Let me show more code to illustrate why I asked the question. In Vaadin 7, we have done this[code]
public class NumberTextField extends TextField {
NumberExtension numberExtension;

public NumberTextField( FieldType fieldType, String caption, boolean isCurrency, boolean isPercent, int precision ) {
super( caption );
init( fieldType, isCurrency, isPercent, precision );
if( isCurrency == true ) {
this.setConverter( new CurrencyConvertor( precision ) );
} else if( isPercent == true ) {
this.setConverter( new PercentConvertor() );

private void init( FieldType fieldType, boolean isCurrency, boolean isPercent, int precision ) {
numberExtension = new NumberExtension();

public void validate( String value ) throws {

[/code]Then, because the converter is associated with the field itself, you could populate the numeric field with a numeric value. The associated converter would convert the value to what the field consumes. AbstractField field = new NumberTextField( fieldDefinition.getFieldType(), fieldDefinition.getName(), false, false, Integer.MAX_VALUE ); field.setValue( new Double(1.0) ); It seems in Vaadin 8 there is no easy way to populate the field directly like that without using the binder/bean because the field does not have a converter, only binder does.

Obviously, the binder is aware of the field. Why isn’t the field aware of the binder? It’s not like a field can be bound to more than once. If the field knows its binder then it can access the converter, just like before in Vaadin 7.

What do you think? Thanks again for your answer!