how to set value of a hidden textfield by javascript in vaadin 6

i should get the value from reading ukey, the value is a ciphertext, so i don’t want to make visible.
how should I do to achieve it?
Who has a good opinion about it?
thanks a lot.

Could you tell little bit more why you need this functionality? Just hiding the textfield (with css) containing confidential information is not secure. Could you store the value in the HttpSession instead?

Hi billy,

every value at the client side is not secure. So your approach is wrong in design. You should handle security relevant informations at server side only. I’m sorry, but there is no exception.
You can use the setData() method of your components if you want to enrich your component with custom data.

thanks for your answer.
cuase my project should use ukey for login. ukey is a kind of hardware.
the provider provides the method to get value of ukey is javascript.
but i need to get value for another validation.
the problem is i don’t konw how put the value to server side .
Values displayed in the client does not make sense.
so i want to set hidden.
is there any other way to solve this problem?
thanks a lot .
thanks again.

thanks .
i should use a kind of hardware for login.
provider provides the method to get value of hardware is javascript method.
i need to get the value of hardware to do another validation.
So i can only know the way to invoke js method is to use window.executeJavascript method.
do you have any good idea to handle it??
sorry my english is not good.
thanks for help.
thanks for help.