How to set scroll bar on popup window

Hi everyone,
I would like to know how to set scroll bar on popup window.

I set the pop up window
final Window wnd = getWindow();
wnd.setWidth(“500px” );

I would like to set the scroll bar on that window.
The pop up window is showing image.
and if the image size is larger than window width and height, i would like to set scroll bar.

Thanks and Regards,

It should work that way.

To get scroll bars, the content must be bigger than the content area. This is only possible if the size of the root layout, which you get/set with getContent()/setContent(), has either:


a fixed size bigger than the window size
undefined size (shrink-to-fit the content) and the content of the root layout is bigger than the window size

[/list]For example, say: