How to set or change the user - agent of a Browser in Vaadin

Hi, I am using vaadin 6.8.5. My application needs to change the user agent of the broser based on OS (Android,Iphone,Chrome) the user selects. By webbrowser we can get default user agent. I need to change this user agent to be compatible for Iphone and Anroid devices. Is there any workaround or solution for this?


The web browser you run the Vaadin application in determines the user agent string, not the Vaadin application itself. Every web browser has its own user agent. Changing the user agent string in Vaadin will not make anything compatible with Iphone or Android.

I am loading an external url in vaadin embedded component. The url opens only when it is hit from iphone or android. I want to test the url from vaadin . So is it possible to load that url in embedded component.


While the above url inside an embedded component is hit ,Can we set the header for the user agent for that url in java?
Before the embedded component loads the url i need to set the header of user agent using urlconnection.setrequestproperty. Is it possible to set that header to the url before embedded loads the url?
It is possibel in java.url.connection. i need to perform this in vaadin?