How to set background color for grid ?

I tried to set background color of grid and it became like below photo :laughing: . How to make it nicer (fill color entire the row).
tell us how to change color for column.
How to do for row ? @vital-koala

ok. this may work.

still not working. seem if there are inline components, then above method cannot work.

@quirky-zebra @faithful-emu any idea ?

That sort of looks like a component margin or padding issue now. Maybe try adjusting them for the components and see how it does.

this because we used slotted in css:

/*.no-select-load ::slotted(*) {*/ /* background-color: #EBEDE8 !important;*/ /* opacity: 0.5;*/ /* pointer-events: none;*/ /*}*/

But if we remove slotted, we cannot select/unselect checkBox in grid if mouse is outside of the checkbox cell.
but it is fine for me now