How to separate different themes having one single WAR.

HI Folks,

I have two different UI, let say UI1 and UI2; (choosen according to certain criteria). I do not have any UIProvider, rather then, I use one top level Servlet which, based on some HttpServletRequest headers, redirects permanently the user to the right VaadinServlets (and thus to the preferred UI). After clarifying the general need, I’ll explain my problem. My simple problem is that I need to have 2 different themes in the same WAR, but I’m fighting on how to separate it.

It seems that the themes are mixed up, even if I’ve had specified different sub-folder (let say theme1 and theme2) under the folder “…/VAADIN/themes/”. The first theme is an extension of the Runo theme, the second one is a simple extension of the Base theme. I’ve followed the Vaadin guide on how to create a custom theme using scss files and I’m sure that everything I’ve done is correct, since deploying on two different WARs everything works fine but, putting they together seems to create inheritance problems.

Of course each UI has its own theme set by using the tag @Theme on top of the class definition. Is there a way to correctly use different themes on one single WAR?. Anyone can help me on how to solve this problem?. Thanks.