How to replace default Vaadin favicon }> with mine?

I will appreciate very much if somebody tells me what I need to do to replace default Vaadin
}> with mine ?


just create a theme directory: /WebContent/VAADIN/themes/mynewtheme

and place your custom favicon.ico in this directory. You also need to set theme property in your application.

public class MyNewApplication extends Application {

	public void init() {

Thanks Oliver,
Just to know: is there a possibility to load (programmatically) a favicon from an external location?


Yeah, sure you can.

It however involves extending ApplicationServlet and overriding writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader(…). There you can write your own icon links if you want to.

It sounds a little bit advanced for a Vaadin newbie like me.
But for now my curiosity have been satisfied

Reminder: The plugin for Eclipse can create your custom theme, including creating the folder mentioned above in which you may store your favicon.