how to remove "style" attribute dynamically auto generated by Vaadin?

i did search the posts and did not get any reference except for a ‘old’ unanswered thread.

i am generating a lot of addons for my proejct for a specific look and feel. the base template i have for the project has everything controlled thro the CSS.

However, when i create the addons, i notice that Vaadin automatically ads the “style” attribute with calculated height, width and some of there details like

I want to avoid the generation of this attribute and not sure how as i am not able to find the exact place where this is added.

Any help in this regards would be quite helpful.

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As you may already have read
in the other thread
, those style-attributes are added dynamically in order to make the application-style-layouting work. You have to set the sizes using the Java-API if you want to change them. Suppressing them is not possible and would totally defeat one of the main-goals of Vaadin.

Thanks for the reply.

i explained bit more on my requirement in the ‘old’ thread.

Thanks for the time taken to reply

i was able to remove the “style” attributes and now i have a GenericDiv that could accept any styleName.

All the layout decisions are from CSS fully. Luckily the code to add the “style” attribute was there in the ChildCell and VDashLayout classes.

Thanks all for this wonderful frqamework. Seem like anything si possible with vaadin.

Java: component.setSizeUndefined();
This command remove “”