How to remove panel borders

Dear Vaadin forum,

I created a panel and would like to remove his borders, how can i do it ?
Ach, i cannot upload my screenshot … it was possible to do it 1 year ago.
Anyway, i guess you see what i mean ?

Panel mypanel = new Panel(); mypanel .setHeight("250px"); mypanel .setWidth("255px"); mypanel. ???setBorders(false)??? mypanel .addComponent(gridLayoutDynamic1); gridLayout2.addComponent(mypanel , 0, 2, 3, 2); Eric

Hi Eric,

You’ll need to add custom css styles to remove/change the borders for Panel (and other components). However, as a shortcut you can use the built-in Reindeer.PANEL_LIGHT style for your Panel to remove the borders and background color.


Thank you Olli, your solution works fine.
I succeeded in removing the borders by using the following CSS + Java code :

@import "../reindeer/styles.css";

.v-panel-content {
   border: none;

+ mypanel.addStyleName(Reindeer.PANEL_LIGHT);