How to refresh the browser on button click in vaadin ???

Hi All,

I am using Liferay Vaadin Portlets and i am adding portlets programmatically to layout using Liferay API’s from Vaadin Application .
And i am able to see the added portlets in the page
but only after refreshing the browser
Which i should not suppose to do!!!

Since Vaadin is using Ajax as a result refreshing the page is not happening .

Can some one suggest me how to reload the page or refresh the browser on button click in Vaadin ???.

Thanks in Advance,
Suman alapati.


Please some one help me out :frowning:

Suman Alapati.

Asking again too soon after the initial question probably reduces rather than improves your chances of getting a reply. People are answering here on a voluntary basis and answer the questions they feel are able to answer and have time to answer. If you don’t get an answer within a few days, you can consider posting again in the thread.

Commercial support
is available if you cannot wait for an answer from the forum and other free channels.

Now for the issue (answer partly copied from partly related ticket

This is almost certainly related to GWT initialization (normally occurring on page load), and might be caused by document.write in the GWT bootstrap (.nocache.js) for the widgetset. A possible workaround could be to use the xsiframe linker, which doesn’t use document.write. This can be done by adding to the widgetset’s .gwt.xml file and compiling the widgetset again.

Also, the “ajaxable” setting of your portlets might be relevant - you might need to add false inside in liferay-portlet.xml.

If this does not help, I probably won’t have time to dig deeper into this in the near future but maybe someone else has an idea.