How To Refresh Panel using button ?

How To Refresh Panel using button ?

If you would ask more specific questions like “I have tried this in order to get this behaviour but instead got the following”, it would be much easier to help you. Read the Book of Vaadin, Section Button.ClickListener to find out about user-triggered behaviour.

i read button section in vaddin book but not include in how t o button click and refresh panel and componets

how to button click and panel and all componets refresh???

below image in (2) button click and how to all componets and panel refresh ???

What do you exactly mean by “refreshing components”? For the Comboboxes you need to add / remove Items to / from their respective containers, it you want to change captions, you just need to set them using setCaption(String) etc. All of this can be done in the Button.ClickListener that you need to add to your refresh-Button.

There is no need for an explicit refresh. In your button click listener, just change your components (set the contents, show/hide, change the captions, add or remove components). The server will send the corresponding instructions to the browser as needed. Just make sure that the methods that make changes to the interface are called from a listener.