How to reference an object in the Field Factory class?

I have a question about Custom Field Factory.

I have a CustomFieldFactory class which extends DefaultFieldFactory class.

the BeanItem is created from a class which contains a reference to another class

public class MyClass {

private int field1;
private SomeObject myClass;

public class SomeObject {

int nameId;
String name;

My question is how do I reference the SomeObject.nameid field in the Custom Field Factory?

for the ‘field1’ in the CustomFieldFactory I would code like this
if (propertyId.equals(“field1”)) {

but how do I refrerence the myClass.nameid field in the CustomFieldFactory?

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If you just have a private field w/o getter, that will be a pita.

However, assuming you have a getter so that you can get your object, you’ll want to use
to get the underlying object, then access whatever you want.

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