How to Publish vaadin web application

Dear guys,

Vaadin framework is quite good, samples and descriptions are also good, but for the new project to be published I could not find any explanation in which everyhting is told step by step on how to publish it on web server. Could you please make a detailed information with explanation step by step in order to publish a simple project on web application ?
What are the requirements on web server ? I mean what should be set up ?

For instance, a Vaadin Web Application Project is created. When the button is clicked, we have a class in which ‘’ Hello’’ is written. How can we publish it on a web site ? Please inform me step by step, how to achieve this publication ? I would be grateful if you help me.

Thank you in advance for your kind interest.

If you are packaging your Vaadin app as a war (default), it’s like publishing any Java based web application. What server are you using? Do you want to publish it in your IDE development time to a local server or are you interested how to publish (deploy) it to remote server? What IDE are you using? Is your project a Maven project?

I am using IIS and Apache server. I am a new user JAVA-VAADIN. So I need to help.
How to do:
Tomcat - Apche connector and publishing vaadin project.

Thank you in advance for your kind interest.

By apache connector you mean how to connect to your IDE? Are you using Eclipse?


Does this video help you?

Or this docs article :

EDIT: Added docs link too

As a newbie, I do not understand what the debugging of a Java Application with a Button has to do with Publishing a Vaadin Web App? I am even more confused after this session :frowning: