How to operate the files in the client machine

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know how to operate the file in the client side, like list all the files in the specific folder, or delete the files.

Could Vaadin upload the file to server with the specified file folder in scilent way without popup the file choose dialog?

Now I am encountering one issue. I have to upload the photos in the specified folder in the client machine to the server machine. And then I need delete these photos.

If you mean that you would like to delete files (i.e. photos) from client machine, deleting files in JavaScript is not possible. It would be huge security risk

Yuri, assuming the client machine you are referring to is a desktop, you might consider deploying Vaadin as a desktop application using Electron. This would give you access to the client using the server-side logic. It’s not the typical way to deploy a Vaadin application but it’s one way to be on the desktop and get code outside the browser limitations. There are a number of projects on github where they are showing this in action, if you google “vaadin electron” you’ll find some.

thanks for your reply and I will have a try.