How to open application window in kiosk mode

I have the following questions on vaadin 6.8.

  1. How to open an application window (browser window) in kiosk mode, i.e. no menu, address box, back/forward button etc.?
  2. How to set size of the application window (main window)? The setheight and setWidth method don’t seem to work.
  3. is there a way to hide the application window and have only sub-windows to show up? When I set setVisible(fasle) of the main window, everything in it also disappears, is there a way to change this behavior?
    Thanks for any advice.
    I searched the forum and FAQ etc and didn’t find recent post of these.

Clarification: This is not to run browser in full screen mode. You can tell that the purpose of Q1 and Q2 is to create a small window with only components I put on it, without the generic browser components. I believe if one starts Firefox from command line, there is an option to do that, but how to do that from a vaadin application? Q3 is also along that same line, if I can hide the initial browser window, I can use sub-window to achieve the desired effect.

If popup windows are OK, the window decorations can be disabled with the window features, as described

Changing the decorations of the window where you opened the application is more difficult if not impossible, and at least depends on the browser. Browsers don’t allow you to redecorate a window, as some malicious websites could annoy you heavily if it was possible.

Hi, Marko:
Thank you for the response. The BrowserWindowOpener is a V7 class. I am limitted to vaadin6 right now. Oh, well.
Any idea about my question #2 and #3? Especially #3. if I can hide the application window but showing subwindow in it, that’ll serve my purpose.

In Vaadin 6 opening popups goes a bit differently, as
shown here
. You can give some feature parameters for the open() method (size and border). If you want more control over the window features, you can make a JavaScript call to open it. Just notice that the Vaadin 6 style popup windows are blocked by browsers more easily than in Vaadin 7.

Browsers don’t normally allow web pages to change the window size, as then some malicious websites could annoy people.

Sub-windows are inside application windows, so it they can’t be seen if you hide the application window.