how to make web media player in java

Please anyone out there, do you know how to create web media player in java…
I checked the vaadin incubator where… youtube was playing some file…but is there any short and simple way to embed the player …


YouTube videos can be embedded using the
Embedded component
and basically that component is the way to embed other Flash media also.

Very simple example is also running (with source) at:

For playing sound I have created a SoundManager2 based sound player. See
this discussion here
for demo / source.


thank you for the advice…

one more thing, the link does not work could you please fix this or could you possibly tell me where I can download this project.

Simple Problem
when i put this line of code it complains saying, either to create a method in Application so do i have to create method for this in Application? If yes then how do i call Help window to my main window…

Thankx :slight_smile:

So, basically it’s complaining about missing getMainWindow function in Application class… It should be there and no you should not need to implement it. See:

Without seeing some more code I cannot exactly say whats wrong here.