How to make Reusable Vaadin 7 themes

As mentioned
here I tried to make a reusable Vaadin 7 theme but its not working. Can anyone help me out with how to make a resuable Vaadin theme which could be used to in other projects. Just by adding the theme project or by imcluding the theme project jar file in the Vaadin project you need to apply the theme to.

Have you managed how to resolve the problem? I’ve tried it also, but it seems, that my application doesn’t see the theme although it finds all the icons (screen-shot attached).

I had wrong prefix in
Now it seems to work properly.

Hi Agata,
I am still facing the same issue as you had.
Can you please upload the vaadin project ?


Hi aryan,
see attached Eclipse project. The theme needs to be compiled before use. (105 KB)