How to make only the selected table row editable?

is it possible to make only the the selected table row editable?

Not directly that I know. You can use Table.setEditable that will set the whole table to edit mode. For specific editor components you’re gonna have to implement TableFieldFactory to do the column specific editor components.

This won’t really help if you want to edit just selected row.

One idea that I could come up with is that you set the property types of backing container to components in the first place and populate the components in read-only state for all the columns. Read-only components are by default themed to look like plain text. Then implement ItemClickListener that is notified when table row is selected and for all the properties of that item, set the read-only state to false. This would then enable the modifications of only that table row.

Another way would be to dynamically change the component in table row when it’s selected. This can and will cause trouble with container property types though, so maybe you’d like to try the ‘use component types as container property types, set instances of all components to read-only state by default’ -approach.