How to install

I try to install a vaadrin developement on my computer.
Since the tutoriel say «Even if you use Eclipse, you CAN install the installation package»
I thought the plugin may be enought as it is for gwt.

Once I install I cannot define tomcat as my server when i creat a new vaadrin project. (this field stay empty)
And run as is an empty menu.
What should I do to make it work?

Did you install Tomcat? I assume that yes…

You should add a new server and choose Tomcat and run you application as Run as/ Run on Server


Are you using the Java or the JavaEE version of Eclipse? The JavaEE version includes the server adapters whereas they probably need to be installed separately for the basic Java version.

I install the eclipse of my linux distribution (ubuntu)
I can creat a new java 2 ee project. I tried to install ol JEE plugin I saw.
I alsa install tomcat6 of ubuntu.

Where can I add tomcat6 as a Server? Where should I click to find the screen in the picture?

Menu Run
or LeftClick on project and Run as…

Sorry for answering late i cannot access to internet on a daily basis.
When i try «Run on serveur» and it make a error dialog box saying : «the selection cannot be run on any serveur»