How to insert an svg image

Is it possible to insert an .svg image with vaadin? I tried using : but could’t figure out how to insert an svg logo I already have

What do you mean by “insert an SVG image”?

Do you want to display an SVG or create one?

Display an SVG

You can simpy use the Image class

Giving the path of an SVG file doesn’t work for me

This happens

Image image = new Image("images/logo.svg","Logo");

And this is the code

Where did you place the svg?

inside images directory

I can get the .png logo wich is in the same directory

Let me see

I tried the same and this works fine for me

Could i get the code? I might be doing something wrong

I created an app on

In the AboutView I’ve added

img = new Image("images/72 Services-Dark Blue.svg", "");

Don’t know why mine doesn’t work, im working in a SpringBoot application. Might that be the cause?

I do the same

The svg is in