How to increase the size(thickness) of a vaadin Progressbar.

Hallo all,
I have been in working on a vaadin UI. How am i able to increase the height(thickness) of a vaadin progressbar ? is it possible ?. I have tried various ways, but wasn’t able to get the results what i needed. Can i also display the progress values. Please help. Thank you

You could try with adding height with CSS to the elements with classnames v-progressbar-wrapper and v-progressbar-indicator.


Thank you Olli. It helped. Is there any provision that i can display the value in center of the bar how much is finished and how many are remaining.

Maybe you could position a Label with the wanted value on top of the progress bar using CSS?


How can i do it. i tried positioning the label, by default it is in the left side of the bar. I was not able to make the font bold.