How to implement the VaadinInterPortlet and InterPortletEventPortlet sample

Hello, I am very new to Vaadin, tomcat and Liferay.

I am trying to setup this example using Eclipse Helios and Liferay 6.0.6 and Vaadin 6.6.6.

I have deployed the VaadinInterPortlet into Liferay and InterPortletEventPortlet as a non-vaadin generi portlet, both are supplied with the vaadin download examples.

I am able to see the click counter increasing by one each time I click the button in VaadinInterPortlet but, I can see no further action (the InterPortletEventPortlet does not display anything.)

I have stepped thru the VaadinInterPortlet portlet using debugging in eclipse and it seems to send the message. There are no messages visible in the tomcat console window nor are there any visible exceptions being thrown by java.

My questions are:

  1. is there somewhere in tomcat or liferay where I can see the sent events so that I know that in fact that the event is “leaving” the portlet and making it into liferay?
  2. are the sent events stored in some file or is it in memory only?
  3. is there some type of “activation” or setup that I have to do to have liferay react to the sent events or is this capability available by default to a portlet?

Thank you