How to implement 2 UI's?

I already have a project running /project (I use Navigator and Views). but now I want to split in 2 logins, with 2 totally different Menus options
How can I have 2 UIs /project/ui1 and /project/ui2 ?

I already tried to create a hierarchy, but it doesn’t work, I got a lots of errors from Glassfish

MainUI extends UI {

    @WebServlet(value = "/*", asyncSupported = true)
    @VaadinServletConfiguration(productionMode = true, ui = MainUI.class, widgetset = "com.traslado.MyAppWidgetset")
    public static class Servlet extends VaadinServlet {

UI1 extends MainUI

UI2 extends MainUI

This is part of the log

Información:   UIScopedContext registered for Vaadin CDI
Información:   ViewScopedContext registered for Vaadin CDI
Información:   WebModule[null]
 ServletContext.log():Initializing AtmosphereFramework
Información:   Registering WebSocket filter for url pattern /*
Información:   15:09:40 TRACE c.t.MyContextListener u= - ::contextInitiliazed: org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContextFacade@1963bf42
Información:   Initializing web context for path /Traslado
Información:   Discovering Vaadin UIs...
Información:   3 beans inheriting from UI discovered!
Información:   Available Vaadin UIs for CDI deployment 
[/traslado => TrasladoUI, //chofer => ChoferUI, //administracion => AdministracionUI]
Advertencia:   Vaadin related servlet is defined in deployment descriptor, automated deployment of VaadinCDIServlet is now disabled
Grave:   Startup of context /Traslado failed due to previous errors
Grave:   Exception during cleanup after start failed
org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Manager has not yet been started
at org.apache.catalina.session.StandardManager.stop(
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.stop(