How to hide the lefthand-side "menu-area" in the tutorial application?

My first application that I am trying to write started off as the Vaadin “Simple CRM” example from the tutorial.
My question refers to the dark gray lefthand-side “application menu area” which contains a blue area with the application title and two “button”-areas, one to select the application’s main page and an other to select the “about” page.

That area is taking up
way too much
screen real-estate, so I want this to disappear under certain conditions, e.g. as soon as a row in the main table gets selected and the right-hand side edit form is added and shown.

How/where do I get a handle to this component so that I can hide/show it at will?

And since I am at it:
where exactly does the first entry after the title, the application’s main page’s name, come from? I couldn’t find the exact string shown
in the entire project. My guess is, that it is derived from the @Title annotation of the AppUI class but for some strange reason the first blank gets replaced by an underscore but the second blank not. Or is this string derived from the class’ name implementing that view? But if so, then some fancy name mangling seems to take place here: camel-case uppercase characters causing underscores and blanks?!? So - where does that string exactly come from? And how could one programmatically set it, so that one could e.g. properly internationalize it?

Ha! Found the anser to my first question:

ViewMenuUI.getMenu().setVisible(true/false); does the trick!
Sometime just precisely phrasing a question already sparks new ideas where one could search for the answer!

Still puzzled re. my second question, though…