How to handle complicated new multi-module project created by NetBeans plug

The update 1.1.3 of the
Vaadin Plugin for NetBeans
radically changed the structure of a new automatically created Vaadin project.

Is there any guide or other documentation for how to work with this new project structure?

Is this one project or multiple projects? Are these “modules” or separate projects.

How to run?

Where is main code for my Vaadin app?

I believe it is an update of the Maven archetype that really changed this.

See the readme file in the root project for information on the structure and how to compile/use the project - a “mvn install” in the root project compiles everything for development, “mvn jetty:run” in the ui project runs the application, “mvn vaadin:run-codeserver” in the widgetset module starts Super Dev Mode for client side debugging, “mvn -Pproduction install” in the root or the production module also compiles a non-development WAR etc. The main UI class is in the ui module.