how to give image path in jsp

Hi i have two images in my image folder my folder structure is like srs/main/webapps/images/ and i have logo.png and other image and i m using jsp file as login in that i have given image path like src=“…\Imges\vega_dolphinlogo.png” and also i tried src=“<%=getServletContext().getRealPath(”/“)%>Imges\vegalogo_s.png”> problem is in sts browser ir is displaying but while i run in chrome or other it is not showing at all .please guide me it is uregent requremet

Don’t use back slashes in URL’s

i have tried but it is not working , This is my folder structure webapp/Imaes/Logo.png .I have given in jsp Imges/vega_dolphinlogo.png also it is not showing image can expalin me bit clearly

What is then the correct URL to access your images from a webbrowser
adn what is the URL it generates ?