How to get the URL typed in the browser

My web.xml has mapping as given below…

Test_image Application /ashwin/* Test_image Application /patthi/* Test_image Application /VAADIN/* [/color]

When I am typing
and trying to get the URL using application.getURL() I am getting the string as
and not

Is there any way to get the complete string typed in the browser’s address bar.

The only way to access the data following the # is to use the URI Analyzer component (See here for
the relevant section in the Book of Vaadin

The reasons behind this are discussed in
this question on StackOverflow

(Redux : Browsers don’t send the fragment portion of the URL when requesting a URL; you have to code that yourself).



Hi Ashwin Patthi,
I am vivek from india.I am doing BTECH final year.Second module of my project is blocking websites.So that i need to get the url which is typed in browser(when the user press enter) to my application.Please tell me how to do it.