How to get all data of vaadin table

com.vaadin.ui.Table table= new com.vaadin.ui.Table();

Object itemId = table.getValue();
Object item = table.getContainerProperty(itemId ,“Column Name”).getValue();

But how can I get all data in table for each row?
= table.getRow(rowIndex);
allRows = table.getRows();

I can’t find any API.
Or do I have to do the following?

for(Object itemId:table.getItemIds())
row = table.getItem(itemId);

Are there any other easy to do it?

Thank you!


Long story short, that’s pretty much it. The Vaadin
data model
and the
Container API
for tabular components are designed to cover a wide range of different use cases, including very large data sets where the component can’t hold everything in memory at once. Table has a built in Container you can use, but you often need to add specific Container implementation and handle the data separately from the visual UI code. So while in some cases it could be nice to have a “get all data” method for Table, it wouldn’t work for larger data sets.