How to escape an HTML attribute

Unfortunately I had to resort to building HTML from server side. (some advanced stuff in Grid using

Is there an easy way to create a “safe” string value for HTML attribute
bringing in an external library (e.g. Apache Commons) and
bringing in Vaadin Client lib.

There’s static method
but it is deprecated and doesn’t say what the alternative is.

Might be stating the obvious here, but have you tried the usual method of

+"var $HTMLpopup = $('<div class=\"popupContainer\">"
            +"<span class=\"cancelBtn big\"></span>"

Ahh. What is meant by
HTML escaping
is something entirely different. What you are doing above is simply source code escaping (for a lack of better word).

Here’s an HTML escaping example:

Input string:
Ben & Jerry’s makes you fat

Output string:
Ben & Jerry's makes you fat.

And here’s a source code example:

String tooltip = "Ben & Jerry's makes you fat";
String htmlStr = "<div title=\"" +
        safeHtml(tooltip) + "\">ICECREAM</div>";

So, what I’m looking for is the
method (just my name for it). As mentioned Vaadin already has this in the form of

but is is deprecated.

HI, sorry I clearly misunderstood the question