how to enable pnpm in dev mode?

I started a project with v14.4.2 and I noticed that when I not use the production profile that comes in the POM, there is no “devmode” profile, the IDE (netbeans) create the package-lock.json (which is used for npm) and when I switch and build with production use pnpm and generate the pnpm-lock.yaml and pnpmfile.js
I read [tuto]
I have set

@WebServlet(initParams = {
    @WebInitParam(name = "pnpm.enable", value = "true")

I get the message “the frontend development has not yet…” and notification, everything seems to works when I run in dev mode


But as the tutorial says, npm and pnpm and not compatible between and the folder node_modules is re-created everytime I switch between builds.
Some times a .vaadin folder is created with vaadin.json that only contains a hash:“…” attribute

pnpm is suppose to be by default in 14.2+

Is this the way it suppose to be?