How to embed HTML files in Vaadin

Hi All,

I am currrently using vaading framework in netbeans, I am currently following this link
Under the
Filer Resources
heading it is mentioned[b]

[/b]about loading an image, But how to load an HTML file instead of an image? Also I dont want the link element to display, I want to load the page on running the application. Please suggest me with a solution.

Check the Embedded Resources part in the docs:


Thanks for replying back Olli,

The above url contails to load a image file, how to load a html file from a folder. Please share any sources. It will be really helpful

This seems to work:

ThemeResource tr = new ThemeResource("hello.html"); BrowserFrame embedded = new BrowserFrame("html", tr); There’s a hello.html in the theme folder that gets shown like this. You can also use other types of resources, of course.


If you want to get rid of the link elements, you could preprocess the page - load the file, do a transformation and create a StreamResource out of it.