how to do the authorization

code for the authentication is already given which helped me a i need to do the authorization for which sample appllication is not given.for the authorization what are the modules to be written and how to proceed with the authorization.please help me out.

You’ve basically asked this very same question in a
previous post
but you never told us what you ended up doing. You’ll have to be a bit more descriptive in your message. Did you try using the
for authorization or are you using something else?

ya i have asked you the same question before. i want to use the authorization using vaadin framework. where should i call the if method. i have created a main class and given the initialize method and taken another class named JPAPermissionManager class where i have written the allow how should i proceed.

Just as a clarification, AppFoundation is not part of the Vaadin framework, so if you say that you are using authorization with Vaadin framework, we cannot know that you meant the AppFoundation.

Anyway, unfortunately, I don’t have larger code examples of the usage of the authorization module. I’m in the process of rewriting a more comprehensive example application, but I’m unsure when I’ll be able to finish it. To get you started, have you read
the documentation for the authorization module

Once you’ve set up the authorization module, define your access rights using the Permissions.allow() method. To check if some has access rights, use the Permissions.hasAccess() method. For example

// Add a button to the layout only if the user has rights to the given resource and action
if(Permissions.hasAccess(usersRoles, "save", yourResource)) {
        Button button = new Button("Save", this);

It is also a good idea to read through the
API of the Permission class