How to display tooltip automatically in a loop

I am using Vaadin 8. My customers have a specific requirement that displays tooltip automatically in a loop without mouse over. I think I need to extend some client components. But I cannot figure it out. I do appreciate it if you would give me some hints.


This is not possible by using the built-in tooltip of the Vaadin framework. Shortly, all the components share the same tooltip widget, and the widget shows its content based on where the mouse pointer is. So even if you write extension to force it to open programmatically it will just show the tooltip of the component (if any) where mouse pointer is.

So in your case you need fully custom solution. You can write custom tooltip implementation as component extension adding your own tooltip widget, which you can open programmatically, and extend the components where you use it with it. Apparently you need this feature for sort of “demo mode” which shows the user the tooltips when he uses the app first time. There are number of other ways to implement such feature. You could for example show Labels which mimic tooltips (use theme to customize) on top of your UI (using z-index) and rotate those in similar fashion. That could be simpler to implement.