How to display popup after click the textfield or combobox?

How to display popup after click the textfield or combobox?
popup at the bottom of the textfield or combobox

You could try using either a LayoutClickListener for the wrapping layout, or a FocusListener for the actual field.

but how to generate a popup view and how to set popup under the textfield? thanks.

is there any add-on to achieve this feature?

add-on allows you to popup any component “over” (and relative to) any other component.



The CSS Tools add-on also provides a way to get the absolute position of a component in the browser, so you could then position a sub-window at the exact place under the textfield. This unfortunately requires one additional server-client-roundtrip to get the pixel values, so it is not too efficient.

Is not so good,
popup panel feature is very useful, I strongly recommend that vaadin official add this feature.

There is a
that is part of core Vaadin - but it doesn’t give you as much control as to the positioning of your popup.

I’m not sure what problems you have or perceive with Overlays component : I am pretty sure that it does what you’re asking - it allows you to popup up any component (including a panel), relative to any other component on the screen. What more would (or could) an “official” Vaadin component do?