How to display Charts within Vaadin Spreadsheet

I have vaadin spreadsheet and Charts license,
I am using Spreadsheet Version 1.2.2 and Charts 3.2.
Now My requirement is Including charts in Vaadin Spreadsheet.
I am able to create charts and spreadsheet in sepeate layouts, unable to combine them together.
Gone through Vaadin Book we got Vaadin-Speadsheet-charts addon added those addon in pom.xml same as the spreadsheet vesion (1.2.2).

There is no examples for how to use the Vaadin-SpreadSheet-Charts anywhere.

thanks in advance

even i am looking for the same solution. gone through this link but unable to find integration of vaadin chart within vaadin spreadsheet

Thanks in advance

The integration of charts to spreadsheet is quite simple. In your pom.xml (assuming you use Maven), you just have change your dependency from vaadin-spreadsheet to vaadin-spreadsheet-charts (just add -charts in the end). vaadin-spreadsheet-charts depends on both vaadin-spreadsheet and vaadin-charts, all you need in is the vaadin-spreadsheet-charts dependency. It should still work jsut as well even if you explicitely add the others there.

After that, any XLSX file that includes Excel defined charts will be rendered with the help of Vaadin Charts. If this is not the case, then I’d like to hear more on what is happening.

The documentation for the integration can be found here:

thanx Jens Jansson as am using MAVEN, followed the same steps as you mentioned, now am able to display charts within spreadsheets cells using SpreadsheetComponentFactory interface. But after writing into the XLSX file am able to get whole data including styles, numeric values but charts are not displaying.

Thanks in advance

Thnaks Jens Jansson,

Now I Can able to display the Vaadin Components (Charts and Combobox) in Spreadsheet using SpreadsheetComponentFactory interface.

Now am using only Vaadin-Spreadsheet-Charts (Version 1.2.2) addon and removed vaadin-spreadsheet addon .

Now am successfully able to display charts in Spreadsheet cells and Spreadsheet within vaadin Window.

But the issue is, if we download this spreadsheet into XLSX file, In that XLSX file Content and styles are displaying, But Charts are not dispaying.

My requirement is Along with the data, charts also should download.

Where I am creating a file and Outputstream object and
writing the content as using Spreadsheet.write(out); method.

Thank you in advance.

Any body know the solution for this problem give replay,
This is necessary for me …

Is there any other way to download charts in spreadsheet and to download inXLSX file?

Using with this SpreadsheetComponentFactory inteface is Vaadin Components are displaying in SpreadsheetUI but while downloading its is not displaying in XLSX files.
This is an urgent for me, I struced over here.

Anybody knows please respond it.
Please suggest me, In which way i can complete this task?.
Thanks in Advance.