How to disable the default vertical scrollbar and fit all the components on a single page?

Hello, i have an application where the layout is like this:

1.Vertical Layout (Parent)
1.1 Horizontal Layout (like a Header)
1.2 Vertical Layout (filter, drop-downs, datepicker and other components for user to filter) - here i also have a hidden Div which i am using as a placeholder to show the user if the data is not found.
1.3 Vertical Layout (grid, shows the data based on user selected filters)
1.4 Horizontal Layout (like a Footer)

When I start my application and browser window opens at 100% then there is a vertical scrollbar appearing on the page because the last Horizontal Layout (Footer) is not visible completely. And when the hidden placeholder Div appears then also the Footer goes out of the view and user has to scroll to see it.

What I have tried: I called setSizeFull() on all the layouts but it didn’t help.
What I want: I want all my layout components to be visible on the page without the default vertical scroll bar on the right. I am fine with Grid having a scrollbar in case of rows not fitting in the page.

also, i have not hard-coded any height css property for any layout

can you put a screenprint ? Also, do you see the scrollbar even though the content is within the page ?

i will not be able to post a screenshot as it is a client application. but yes the scrollbar is visible when content is within the page. i think because of the default height of my footer horizontal layout, there is some extra white-space which is not in view and causing the scrollbar to appear. and when the hidden Div becomes enabled then the footer goes completely out of the view.

is this inside an AppLayout, or is the VerticalLayout the root layout of your UI?

no, VerticalLayout is my root layout. i am not using AppLayout

Does the root layout have margins?

Margins aren’t included in height calculations

hi @vital-koala , no i have not defined any additional css to the root vertical layout. it is using the default values

But does it have margins, was my question?

no, it doesn’t have margin. i see theme=“padding spacing” in Inspect

Quite difficult to troubleshoot a layout without seeing any of it. Could you share a screenshot of the DOM structure from devtools?