How to develop components for the visual designer

I played around with the visual editor in eclipse and built some screens containing some of the components offered by the editor. My challenge is to add some common UI components (e.g. grids with some sample data, drop downs with dummy entries and so on) and make them accessible for UI designers in my team. Currently, I am not sure whether this is possible or not. What I need to to in order to see my own “Hello world” button as a component in the visual editor? Is there any documentation available how I could add new components for the visual designer? Any hint is helpful for me.

Any component that you create that is within the classpath should show up automagically in the component palette. Most of mine extend CustomComponent, but they are certainly on the palette (show up as puzzle pieces).

Dave, thanks for your reply. You are right, once a custom widget is created, it appears as a puzzle piece in the palette. However, in the canvas the items are also displayed as puzzle pieces. They are not rendered as a preview like the vaadin components (like table, panel and so on). Therefore, my approach won’t work since the UI designers cannot work in that way - they need to see what they put on the canvas. I will try to find another way.