How to delegate Notification message from client class to server class??

I am using server RPC for this delegation but nothing is fired.

step 1 : create server rpc .
public interface UploadServerRpc extends ServerRpc{
public void clicked(String buttonName);
step 2 : create connector class
public class UploadComponentConnector extends UploadConnector {
UploadServerRpc rpc = RpcProxy.create(UploadServerRpc.class, this);
public UploadComponentConnector(){
if(getWidget().isSubClick()) {

step 3 : server side class:
public class UploadComponent extends Upload{
private UploadServerRpc srpc = new UploadServerRpc(){
public void clicked(String name) {
Notification notification = new Notification(name);
public UploadComponent() {
Note : inside VUpload class hanling some restriction itsworking but cannot delegate notification messsage
Nothing happened …when i clicked vaadin Upload button .


Your code looks ok except for one thing: The only potential problem is calling rpc.clicked(…). I assume calling the event handler in the constructor like this is for testing purposes. Are you then sure that the method getWidget().isSubClick() returns true? In general to handle events from a button you need to register an event handler for it. Some tips for developing client-side code: 1) make sure your widgetset is re-compiled before testing 2) Enable superdevmode and use Chrome developer tools to debug the client-side Java code, see

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