how to debug internal error


I have an application that runs fine locally but displays the red internal error box when deployed to our test environment. The problem i have is that none of the log files contain a stacktrace, so i was wondering what i can do to debug this or find out more ? Any breakpoints i can set in the source, or somehow force a stacktrace from the internal error ?


On the client side (assuming the application is not in production mode), first try adding “?debug” to your application URL. The debug window might contain more information about the error.

It would also be useful to know whether this is a server side error or a client side error. The text in the error box could help with this, but you can also try e.g. to set a breakpoint on the server in Application.terminalError(), or perhaps in AbstractApplicationServlet.service() error handling if nothing else helps on the server side.

I believe the client side is by default not compiled to create full client side stack traces, but usually that is not a problem.

the text in the error box says

and when i add ?debug it says