How to debug client minified javascript when encounter (TypeError) : a is u

Hi all,

I had been encountered the TypeError exception in client js a few times in randomly manner when first load the page. I try to debug which line of code causing it using browser inspector but the function is obfuscated/minified. So how can i find out which function or property caused the issue? By the way is there anyway to catch all these kind of error without throwing out to UI ?
Thanks for any answers

Hi, i had try to build the flow-client using <>PRETTY</> and now the js become readable a bit but still did not give any clue. Can anybody help? The TypeError i got from the console, after pretty print the js:

(TypeError) : this$static is undefined client-548427A7BA2DF76A25A224D52C33ED40.cache.js:formatted:10042

function $error(this$static, arg) {

Any clue which function is causing this? How can i get more info like which javascript causing this or how can i get rid of these kind of message pop to browser? Any answers are very appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jian Hwa Chin,

Thanks for trying flow. I think for your situation, you should try the SuperDevMode to debug the client side code. Here, you can find some instructions I hope that can help you a bit.


Hi again,

We think you have encountered a bug, which either it is in flow directly, or flow hasn’t reported the error nicely.
So I will suggest you to create a ticket with reproducible code and instructions for us, .

Thanks for using flow and i hope we can help you more in this way.