How to create a link

I am trying to create a logo on a page that is clickable. In HTML, I do this as follows:

<!Doctype html>
<style>a:link { color:red;text-decoration:none;}</style>
<body><h1><a href="">My Logo</a></h1></body>

I tried using Link or a Button but could not get the styles to produce the same result. I tried “v-link a:link span” to create a new style but it did not work, Could not come up with CSS for button as well. Could some one please provide an example with CSS on how to achieve the same effect as above HTML in Vaadin?

Although I might not have understood your question correctly - you are writing about a “logo” (which would be an image I guess), but are using styles for texts - information about displaying a linked image is available in the
Book of Vaadin

I was looking for setting a style for the element of the link.
Logo in the question was not a good use case.
I could change the size of the font but not the color etc.
I am using an image for the Logo.

Well if the color is not changing, then you have to check from where the browser gets it’s style-information. You can use for example Firebug to do this easily. With the “!important”-Statement you can always tell the browser that your style-information should be taken. Note that this is not very user-friendly as for example color-blind people might use a user-style-sheet in order to change colors in a way best suitable for them. That won’t be possible if you are using “!important”.