How to configure distributed session

I am new to Vaadin and just started using Vaadin 14 in my project to develop an User Interface for simple CRUD operations of Master data.
I am also using Spring security to authenticate users.

My application will be deployed on multiple machines (VM) with same domain behind the load balancer. Now my questions are -

  1. if user is authenticated on one VM, will this session can be distributed among all the VM’s?
  2. Do I need to configure myself to achieve this so that after logged-in further request can be served without any issue?
  3. If I need to configure then please share the details.

Thanks & Regards
Amit Srivastava

Vaadin’s session replication, though possible, isn’t supported OOB. You might find it more efficient and convenient to use sticky sessions instead (by which the load balancer is configured so as to send all requests related to a specific session to the same server).