How to compile a Widget in Springboot?

Hi guys,

How do you compile your widgets in Springboot with Vaadin 8 using Netbeans? I have no problem if I just use plain Vaadin.

It shouldn’t differ if you have the same configurations in the pom.xml as you have in a regular Vaadin project created by the archetype, vaadin-archetype-application for example. The pom.xml hooks up Vaadin compilation to the regular lifecycle so that they will be triggered with a regular ‘mvn package’. You can manually do it by calling

mvn vaadin:update-theme vaadin:update-widgetset vaadin:compile vaadin:compile-theme Might be that you don’t need all of them there, because some of the later ones might ensure that the earlier ones are run. vaadin:update-widgetset scans for new addons in your classpath and adds them to the widgetsetdefinition so that they will be included. vaadin:compile actually compiles the widgetset.

This is from one of my project’s pom.xml that ensures that all of this happens in normal Vaadin projects.

                            <!-- Comment out compile-theme goal to use on-the-fly theme compilation -->

it works!

I just copied some config in my other project pom.xml

Thanks Jens!