How to compile a java file

Good evening,

I just discovered the Vaadian tool and am trying the tutorials at the moment. It’s quite hard to understand for me, because I’m discovering some problems.

Can someone here explain me in a simple step-by-step explanation how I can get my just written java-class like

public class HelloWorld extends com.vaadin.Application {
public void init() {
Window main = new Window("Hello window");
main.addComponent(new Label("Hello World!"));

compiled that I can show it in my browser (via Tomcat)?

I’m currently experiencing “The requested resource () is not available.”-error messages if I rightclick and say “Run as → Run on Server”.

I’m trying it already for a few hours, read in the tutorial and in the book - but at the points where the authors got their example-pictures of how it looks I’m frustrated not managing to get it.

So, if you could help me with a simple explanation what I need to do to see it in my browser - I would be very thankful.

Thank you

The easiest way to develop Java applications with Vaadin is to use a Java development tool called Eclipse.
See the following link for a few pointers.

Eclipse and Java Primer