How to change reindeerMods theme

Hi! I know how to change for example runo theme, by making own theme and placing @import url(…/runo/styles.css); on the top of the styles.css file. But how can I make the same for the add-on as reindeerMods is?


A good question. This depends on each theme add-on, they all (should) have their own directory names inside the JAR. The add-on documentation should answer to this question.

The documentation for ReindeerMods is still non-existent (hoping to improve it later this week), but you can just use the following:

@import “…/reindeermods/styles.css”;


I follow your suggestion by using @import “…/reindeermods/styles.css”; to the css file. However, it still doesn’t work. I have attach a snapshot showing you the directly in my project.

In my MainApplication, I wrote: setTheme(“suricate”);

The result is that there is nth shown on screen.

Please kindly help. thanks in advance. :slight_smile: