How to change "I'm sorry, but you browser is not supported".

I whant to change default Vaadin message “I’m sorry, but you browser is not supported” to another language.
How I can do that?

All I found so far is this

But there are no methods for setting browser support message.

I’m using Vaadin 7.


I haven’t tested this out, but the hard-coded message comes from UnsupportedBrowserHandler, which is one of the RequestHandlers created by the List createRequestHandlers method in VaadinService. You could create an extension of VaadinService and override the createRequestHandlers method, where you create your custom MyUnsupportedBrowserHandler instead (in addition to the standard request handlers).

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There is old Wiki article here with example of what Olli suggested

Although, I will not quarantee that this is upto date.