how to build war file

Hi guys,

I’m using the following for my project:

  1. Vaadin
  2. Tomcat 7.0
  3. mysql
  4. for persistence, im using hibernate

Now the question is how to deploy the project the to a war file.

I am using the simple export method but its giving the exception “jdbc driver not found”

So is there a tutorial for exporting the project to war that use hibernate

You need to have the
MySQL JDBC Connector
in the [tt]
[/tt] folder. Well, if that is the problem, could be something else as well.

I assume that you’re using Eclipse. It should export all the stuff in the [tt]
[/tt] folder when you export to a WAR.

Thanks man, that was the exact problem

I thought that it will check the file from the java path from the environment variable

Tomcat, and other application containers, don’t generally use your local Java environment for this kind of information. Your environment affects the Tomcat application itself, but then it is running
other applications
, such as your web app, and so relies on code within your war file or in other known directories inside the server.

It only gets more complicated from there. :wink:


i try like that and i said as an info; there is a sample in
this blog
i hope it is usefull…