How to "boot" Vaadin Application with parameters?

Hi, fellows!

I have a necessity embed Vaadin app into a plain JSP. That works fine (Book of Vaadin is a bit outdated here, actually).
But I have a little problem (I know it is doable, but I can’t find how to do that in Vaadin): how do I start Vaadin App with some params? For example, I want to pass a parameter from JSP to Vaadin App, so JSP would write it like a field in Vaadin configuration, for example (or a separate value) and Vaadin App would read it and then I can get it as string/int inside Vaadin App.

How to do that? (A code sample would be best).


I’ve not tried it myself, but I think a
might be appropriate here. Embed the parameters as part of the application URL, and then add a parameter handler to, um, handle the parameters…

More details in Book Of Vaadin