How to bind grid items

Hi, Is it possible to bind grid items? I have a form with a Grid, in this grid I can add products from an order, but when I make a change into the grid the binder doesn’t not recognise the change (add/delete).
I’m using a binder with my business object “Order” (It has a Set)

Hi @quintessential-crane ,
Could you provide more details? I don’t quite understand your question.

You add items to this Grid through your form fields on top? And you want to change these items through the same form, or have them automatically show up on the Grid once added?

Hi @empathetic-hedgehog, This form is a master-detail form, I’m adding items to the grid through the “Codigo Barra” text field. My question is if it’s posible to bind the grid items to my Bussines Object, I’m using a binder for the other fields.

Grid.asMultiSelect() can be used for binding

Take a look at and download a demo app with Master Detail view from there. It has complete code example you need